Sunday “Gravy” and Pasta Class

Sunday “Gravy” and Pasta Class

Just like Mama used to make!
Sunday Dinner

Growing up, Sunday was the day fresh handcrafted pasta was made and served with homemade tomato sauce we called, “gravy”.

During the class, you will be making fresh pasta dough and converting it into fettucini. You’ll have eyes on the gravy as the brilliant red San Marzano tomatoes are simmered and the smell of Sunday wafts through the air!

As the pasta dough rests, snack on old world style antipasto and then make your pasta to bring home (it freezes well). Once finished, we’ll be cooking up fresh pasta to serve with our homemade gravy. Sticking with tradition, after the pasta, we’ll serve a salad tossed with our 12 year old balsamic and award winning olive oil, “to help settle your meal” as Mama would say.

The cost is only $80 per person and a couples ticket is only $150!

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