Restaurant Partners

Restaurant Partners

We love to make wine at The Grape Escape and we enjoy fine food to complement it. We are constantly seeking restaurants that are Bring Your Own.


Exclusive to The Grape Escape customers, we have partnered with some of the finest area restaurants that have liquor licenses. This partnership essentially turns these elegant restaurants into BYO’s exclusively for The Grape Escape customers with no corkage fee. Here’s how the program works:

  1. You must identify yourself as a customer of The Grape Escape when making the reservation
  2. You must only bring wine made at The Grape Escape
  3. You should identify yourself as a customer of The Grape Escape when arriving for your reservation
  4. The program is only valid on the days listed below for each restaurant

Restaurants that participate in the Premier Restaurant Partnership program are:


Eno Terra

Eno Terra
Kingston, NJ
Sunday & Monday


Princeton NJ
Sunday & Monday

Ruth's Chris

Ruth’s Chris
Princeton, NJ

Teresa's Caffe

Teresa’s Caffe, Princeton NJ
Sunday & Monday


We seek restaurants where you may bring and enjoy the wine you made at The Grape Escape. We have partnered with the following restaurants because they have established themselves with consistent excellence in our dining experience. Look at it as our personal recommendation. While visiting these restaurants, please let them know you make your wine at The Grape Escape!

Blue Bottle Acacia
Spargo's Oliver's

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