Make Your Own Gourmet Ravioli

Make Your Own Gourmet Ravioli

Delight in Making Your Own Gourmet Ravioli!

Join us for our “Make Your Own Gourmet Ravioli” event at The Grape Escape winery.

Reservations are required and space is limited for this completely unique culinary experience.

The program includes the following:

  • Learn and prepare your pasta dough by hand for making the ravioli
  • Our chef will step you through the creation of 3 unique fillings for your ravioli
  • Stuff, cut and box your gourmet raviolis
  • Take home 12 ravioli of each kind for a total of 36 ravioli
  • Custom label the ravioli boxes – Great for gifting or just showing off!
  • Enjoy fresh ravioli with artfully matched sauces – served and prepared by our chef
  • Take home the ravioli recipes for sauces & fillings
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Come by and see us bring your friends and discover unbelievable winemaking, olive oil/balsamic vinegar and mozzarella classes from Dayton NJ.

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