Spring 2018: The Wines & Pricing

Spring 2018: The Wines

“By making this wine known to the public, I have rendered my 
country as great a service as if I had enabled it to pay back the 
national debt.” – Thomas Jefferson
Spring Vineyard

The Grape Escape allows you the opportunity to make wine from many exciting regions. The four-step process, which takes place over approximately a ten month period, gives you hands-on instruction using our state-of-the-art equipment combined with traditional methods. Each season is dependent upon both the harvest and transportation, so stay in touch with us as the seasons approach.

Spring Season (April-May)

Grand Cru Premier Cru Premier Cru Classe
Chile South Africa
Red Wine Varietals
Cabernet Franc X X
Cabernet Sauvignon X X X
Carmenere X X
Malbec X X
Merlot X X X
Pinotage X
Pinot Noir X X
Syrah X X X
White Wine Varietals
Chardonnay X X
Pinot Grigio X X
Riesling X
Sauvignon Blanc X X X
Red Wine Blends
Almaviva Blend X X
Bordeaux Blend X
Cabernet/Merlot Blend X X X
Cabernet/Syrah X X
Carmenere Plus X X
Clos Apalta Blend X X
White Wine Blends
Conundrum X
Luna Blend X
Note: Varied AVAs are offered for numerous varietals and blends


Clos Apalta TGE Blend
Carmenere 50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
Merlot 25% Carmenere 30%
Cabernet Sauvignon 20% Merlot 20%
Cabernet Franc 5%
Bordeaux Cabernet/Merlot
Cabernet Sauvignon 70% Cabernet Sauvignon 80%
Merlot 14% Merlot 20%
Cabernet Franc 6%
Carmenere 5%
Malbec 5%
Luna Carmenere Plus
Chardonnay 50% Carmenere 60%
Pinot Grigio 50% Malbec 20%
Merlot 20%
Almaviva Blend FC’s Blend
Cabernet Sauvignon 60% Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
Carmenere 30% Carmenere 30%
Cabernet Franc 10% Cabernet Franc 10%
Merlot 10%

Spring Season Pricing (April-May)

Standard (American Oak) Upgrade Options*
Order Size # of Bottles “Grand Cru” “Grand Premier Cru” Hungarian Oak Upgrade * French Oak Upgrade * Reserve 2 yr. Aging*
1/8 Barrel 30 $520 $581 n/a n/a n/a
1/4 Barrel 60 $957 $1060 $75 $120 $110
1/2 Barrel 120 $1834 $2089 $155 $235 $165
3/4 Barrel 180 $2653 $3068 $235 $325 $220
Full Barrel 240 $3402 $3908 $300 $400 $300

Grand Cru Grapes are from the Curico Valley in Chile.
Grand Premier Cru Grapes are from the Colghauga Valley in Chile and from South Africa.